Say Goodbye to Outdated Inventory Management Solutions

Nothing is more frustrating than opening a supply closet, only to find an unorganized room filled to the brim with computer monitors and office supplies. Instead, streamline your inventory management system and take back control of your inventory with a system from Intelligent Dispensing Solutions.

Whether you are in the education, pharmaceutical, fitness or textile industry, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions can help you find a system that works best for you and your inventory goals. Watch the video below to see how IDS can help you and your employees today.

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Introducing the COVID-19 Test Kit Dispenser & Return Center

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions’ COVID-19 Test Kit Dispenser & Return Center gives your employees easy access to self-administered COVID-19 testing kits via a humanless transaction experience.  The goal of the COVID-19 Test Kit Center is to align with Return-to-Work and Return-to-Learn programs. Frequent testing can help quickly identify and mitigate COVID-19 outbreaks in the workplace, campus or community.

Each self-administered test is identified by using a barcode that is scanned when the user dispenses and returns the test kit. From there, each kit is linked to your company’s employee budget or organization’s campus cards. This is critical in order to ensure accurate and timely results.

Keep track of the employees who are accessing testing kits with the help of iQ Technology. The COVID-19 Test Kit Center limits the number of tests that an employee can dispense from the machine, so iQ Technology tracks who accessed and returned the testing kits. iQ Technology gives you complete control over the machine, testing kits and how your employees access testing kits.

An attractive feature of the COVID-19 Test Kit Center is the contactless dispensing of the products. Employees can easily access their testing kits without the need to interact with another individual.

Provide employees and students with peace of mind, while mitigating risk with the COVID-19 Test Kit Dispenser & Return Center from Intelligent Dispensing Solutions. To find out more, contact us at 1-877-771-4446.

Inventory Management Made Simple with UCapIt

One of the greatest challenges today’s EMS professionals and pharmaceutical managers face is medical product supply management and security. In an EMS organization, it is imperative that systems are in place that not only saves you money but also saves you time, especially when lives are on the line. Many organizations across the United States have become creative and turned to UCapIt to help save them both time and money within their organization.

“The cost reduction we realized once we had implemented IDS’ UCapIt solution is a big benefit to us,” says Rich Tvella of Mastic Beach Ambulance Company. “We spend less time doing the manual count and the paperwork to keep track of the physical inventory.” 

With UCapIt you can take back control of your inventory by providing a safer, smarter, and more secure way to accurately assess and track your employee’s usage. Through iQ Technology, our EMS supply vending machines and supply lockers maintain controlled access to pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, meticulously track inventory, and allow instant access to all records.

“UCapit’s reports tell me what I need to know, how many are expiring, where they are located and the name of the medication.  I really like that I can run the report for 90 or more days because I order replacement medications 3-4 months in advance, plus my regular stock…so I know I won’t run out.  Now instead of having to do a count by hand at the end of the month, I check them in when I receive them and simply run the reports I need.”

IDS’ UCapIt provides controlled supply dispensing solutions for emergency medical service organizations including hospitals and fire stations. IDS’ UCapIt solutions allow organizations to secure EMS and narcotics, restrict access by user credentials or product classification, track inventory in real-time, and maintain full accountability and compliance with FDA and DEA regulations.

iQ Technology, the brain behind the UCapIt system, allows EMS organizations to track inventory and alert managers when the supply is running low. This ensures that EMS organizations do not have to scramble to find the supply they need.

Tim Barnett of Kanawha County Emergency Ambulance Authority says, “Previously if a unit ran out of a specific supply, they would have to make a trip to central supply to restock. With the UCapIt vending machines and lockers in place, they have immediate access. Budget numbers indicate we’re under budget in medical supplies and medications compared to this time a year ago.”

Inventory can be managed anytime, anywhere with UCapIt and iQ Technology. Additionally, managers have the ability to see who is accessing what items, when and where they are being accessed. 

UCapIt allows you to be as transparent as you want within your organization. To find out more about the UCapIt EMS and medical inventory management solution, call 1-877-771-4446.

Take Control of Your Narcotics Inventory with UCapIt

UCapIt Supply Dispensers and Lockers

When it comes to narcotic inventory control, organizations can never be too careful. If you find yourself struggling with keeping your supply room secure or having too many expired products, you may want to turn to UCapit. UCapIt puts managers back in control through its Supply Dispensers, Supply Lockers and SAFEMEDS.

UCapIt’s Supply Dispensers dispense medical supplies, narcotics and pharmaceuticals to authorized staff within an emergency organization. Dispensers provide a single point-of-access for an entire team and keep inventory safe, secure and organized. Designated employees can access necessary products through RFID badge, magnetic strip, Proximity card reader, barcode, personal PIN, Biometrics and more.

Supply Lockers from UCapIt can be used to access or return medical equipment and supplies. Each locker bay has the option to add electricity for charging devices. They can hold larger equipment, such as defibrillators and medical kits or smaller items, such as gloves. Each item can be accessed by authorized users through the same interface as Supply Dispensers.

Finally, SafeMeds allow users to access the necessary narcotics quickly and efficiently in the field. It is a high-security ambulance EMS dispensing lockbox system that is capable of mounting directly in an ambulance or other areas where drugs need to be tracked or distributed.

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions and UCapIt is ready to help you take back control of your EMS inventory. To find out more about our medical narcotics inventory vending machines, call us at 1-877-771-4446.

EMS Organizations Benefit from UCapIt

All across the United States, EMS organizations are benefitting from the use of IDS EMS supply vending machines and supply lockers. From access to reports to saving time and money to complying with state regulations, UCapIt has taken the world of emergency services by storm. Hear from EMS organizations across the country why UCapIt is their new go-to system for organization and inventory control.

Bill Dolby, Fire Captain at Jackson Township, has found that UCapIt is saving them money every year. “We have to be creative. years ago, we were throwing away $3,000 worth of drugs when they expired at the end of the month. We only throw away a couple of hundred dollars’ worth of drugs now.”

Real-time alerts have been crucial for the Tulsa Fire Department. Captain Michael Bake, Director of EMS, said, “I have a limited supply and equipment budget and the supply monster was just eating our operations. We found, when we analyzed the system, that we had a lot of inconsistencies and weren’t compliant with state regulations,” Blake said. “Our old system to determine what we had in the field that was going to expire was a phone tree, and now, with UCapIt, we can pull it up in real-time and understand what we have to order or not.” 

Reports are another asset that UCapIt users have found to be beneficial. Captain Beth Hines of Onslow County EMS said, “The report tells me what I need to know, how many are expiring, where they are located and the name of the medication.” Continues Hines, “I really like that I can run the report for 90 or more days because I order replacement medications 3-4 months in advance, plus my regular stock…so I know I won’t run out.”

UCapIt has taken the EMS world by storm and there is no sign of slowing down. To get started with UCapIt, or to learn more about its features, give IDS a call at 1-877-771-4446.

Keep Your Fitness Center Safe for Members

With COVID-19 and the flu season among us, keeping your employees and members safe and healthy is more important than ever before. Wearing face masks and washing your hands only scratches the surface when it comes to keeping employees and members safe from harmful bacteria. Limiting contact points and disinfecting equipment will also reduce the risk of contracting the flu and COVID-19. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that gym patrons wear a facemask and wash their hands before and after putting the mask on. Additionally, it is recommended that they bring their own water bottles and avoid sharing any personal items. Finally, it is crucial that members clean equipment before and after they have used it. 

Additionally, limiting contact points for your customers will help to limit the spread of harmful bacteria amongst gym patrons and employees. This can be done through Vending Fit’s Supply Dispensers and Supply Lockers. These machines allow you to control your inventory and give customers and employees access to supplies, such as resistance bands, water bottles and yoga mats. Give your customers the experience of a safe and effective workout.

Vending Fit dispensers and lockers allow for quick and easy disinfecting, in order to keep members safe. Simply use warm, mild soapy water. Soap has the ability to demolish viruses in as little as 20 seconds, keeping employees and members safe from COVID-19 and the flu. Additionally, providing hand sanitizer near the machine and encouraging the use of it before and after coming in contact with the machine will keep customers safe and healthy.

Your members are anxious to hit the gym, but it must be done in a safe way. To find out more about gym vending machines and how to keep your gym customers safe, contact us at 1-855-570-2673.

Connecting Lockers to Your Machine

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions has a wide array of Supply Dispensers and Supply Lockers which allow you to offer supplies of different shapes and sizes to your employees and customers. Additionally, IDS makes it possible to attach a Satellite Supply Locker to a Supply Dispenser. 

Whether you are setting up your equipment for EMS or fitness use, the process to attach the equipment is the same and can even be done on your own. We have put together a step-by-step video tutorial on how to connect your supply lockers to your vending machines for you to see how this is done. 

At Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, we want to ensure that you understand how your equipment is supposed to run, so you can use it to its full potential. If you have any additional questions about your equipment, such as how to set it up or how to use it, give us a call at 1-877-771-4446 or contact your sales representative.

Reduce Costs With a Smart System

As a business manager, you work hard to ensure that you are lowering overhead costs within your business, without having to sacrifice too much. Whether you are in the medical industry, textile industry or fitness industry, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions has a solution to help you reduce business costs and manage your inventory.

Our intelligent dispensing solutions allow you to track and manage your inventory, without being physically at the machine. With our revolutionary software, iQ Technology, you simply log in to the program to see what your inventory needs are. This feature eliminates the overstocking of products. Having too many of one product, such as a narcotic in an EMS environment, can lead to having too many expired products, which raises your inventory costs.

Having control over your inventory is not the only positive of utilizing our inventory solutions. Supply Lockers and Supply Dispensers keep your employees productive throughout the day. Instead of employees having to spend time sifting through a supply closet looking for a supply they need, they can simply utilize an iVendTech Supply Dispenser. Your employees have access to the supplies they need in seconds.

Our intelligent solutions include both Supply Dispensers and Supply Lockers. These smart inventory systems assist in controlling your inventory, while keeping your employees productive throughout the day. Watch the video below to find out more about our various dispensing solutions and how they can help with your business.

For additional questions, call Intelligent Dispensing Solutions at 1-877-771-4446.