Reduce Employee Exposure Risk to Infectious Diseases Through Controlled Dispensing Solutions for Surgical Scrubs and Uniforms

IDS’ ScrubTrak surgical scrub dispenser provides a seamless transaction experience to allow employees to quickly and safely access surgical scrubs, uniforms and other textiles

Today it is more critical than ever to provide healthcare workers with personal protective equipment (PPE) including proper work attire such as scrubs and lab coats.  In order to access PPE and proper work attire, it is important to have processes in place. These processes protect your employees without compromising the ability to provide life-saving medical treatment to patients. This is especially crucial as medical organizations’ resources are being strained due to the influx in demand related to surging numbers of COVID-19 patients.

In order to protect medical personnel from the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, it is important to ensure scrubs and hospital uniforms are being handled by as few people as possible while ensuring these items are being returned and laundered properly. It is impossible to eliminate shoulder-to-shoulder contact within a hospital setting. However, it is possible to limit this contact internally and reduce the handling of critical supplies, including hospital scrubs and lab coats, by limiting contact points.

Why is this so critical?  According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the lifespan of the Coronavirus can vary, based on different surfaces and can last anywhere from 30 minutes to three days. 

  • Airborne: 30 minutes to 3 hours
  • Cardboard: 24 hours
  • Stainless Steel: 2 days
  • Plastic: 3 days  

While the exact number of healthcare professionals afflicted with COVID-19 is unknown, thousands of healthcare workers across the United States have either had COVID-19 or been exposed to it. While healthcare professionals may be at a higher risk to contract COVID-19 due to their interactions with infected individuals, there are proactive measures that can be implemented to reduce the risk of healthcare workers contracting infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions provides controlled dispensing solutions that offer a contactless transaction experience, specifically for surgical scrubs lab coats, uniforms, and other textiles through its brand ScrubTrak.  It is a fast, easy and proactive solution for hospital staff and medical professionals to retrieve the clean, uncontaminated scrubs they need in order to perform their jobs. It also allows for contaminated scrubs and other textiles to be returned in a safe and secure location.

In addition to scrubs, uniforms and other textiles being safely retrieved, ScrubTrak provides peace of mind that scrubs are returned and laundered per hospital standards. In order for scrubs to be free of contamination, they must go through an extensive laundering and sterilizing regime with commercial-grade laundering equipment that cannot be accomplished by an at-home washer and dryer. 

Once scrubs have been worn, they are simply checked back in and returned to the ScrubTrak return unit where the transaction is logged and credited back to the employee’s account. This allows you to track your inventory and provides accountability typically resulting in drastic decreases in surgical scrub shrinkage.  In fact, many of ScrubTrak’s customers reduce scrub replacement costs by over 60% in the first year of implementing ScrubTrak.

In an open supply closet setting, when a nurse, lab tech or doctor comes in to retrieve new scrubs, he or she will sift through the items, often shoulder-to-shoulder with other staff members, until he or she finds a correct fitting pair, potentially exposing himself or herself to infectious diseases such as COVID-19. 

ScrubTrak helps to reduce the risk of spread of infectious disease by providing a safe and secure retrieval and return center for scrubs, uniforms, and other textiles. With ScrubTrak, personnel simply have to enter in the scrub sizes they need (top and bottom) and then wait only a few seconds for them to be dispensed. The return process is just as simple. Nurses and doctors simply have to scan their badge and place their used items in the return slot for laundering.

Unlike open scrub supply closets, in which multiple staff members can access scrubs and discard of used ones, controlled dispensing through ScrubTrak’s dispensers require employees to only access the specific scrubs they need, whether it be pants, tops or a specific size of scrubs, as well as the quantity they need. Additionally, staff members must be verified for access before the scrubs are dispensed and the employee is able to touch the item. 

“Human error is inevitable. We were losing scrubs faster than we should have been. We began inquiring about automated systems for managing scrubs,” said Ryan Madewell, the environmental services director for Hunt Regional Healthcare. 

To determine if ScrubTrak was the right solution for Hunt Regional Healthcare, Madewell analyzed the system’s various features including ease of use, approved efficiency, infection prevention and cost savings. “We chose ScrubTrak because it was the best fit,” Madewell said.

IDS’ ScrubTrak utilizes real-time data and reporting capability through its proprietary iQ Technology software. iQ Technology allows administrators to track who accessed what item(s), when they accessed the item(s) and the quantity of the item they accessed. This chain of custody is critical when identifying and mitigating risks in a crisis situation, as well as is useful on an inventory management basis during normal operating circumstances.

Having a solution in place to manage and track inventory reduces a hospital’s risk and also protects your most critical assets – your staff members. It is these individuals that are on the front lines of combating crises such as the global pandemic we are currently facing.

ScrubTrak can help. As you are evaluating and initiating your response plan, we want to help you keep your staff members safe, while providing a solution that ensures accountability in order to reduce scrubs and uniform shrinkage, and laundering costs.

For more information about ScrubTrak’s surgical scrub and uniform dispensing solutions, contact Intelligent Dispensing Solutions at 1-877-771-4446.

Why Inventory Management is Critical to Your Business


It used to be that the most an office employee could reasonably pilfer would be a few staplers and reams of paper. Maybe a really nice fountain pen. Now, with the influx of high tech gadgetry and peripherals required in nearly every professional setting, the danger of such supplies being stolen has become a serious financial consideration. iVendTech’s inventory management vending machines provide a simple way to stock, track, and account for any manner of office supplies.

The old school technique of keeping one open supply closet with all the requisite tools has disappeared. There is a need to trace each item used–particularly the expensive gadgets–and that requires a new method. Locked closets with a dedicated employee ‘gatekeeper’ only slow down valuable employees with paperwork and bureaucracy.  Using a customized iVendTech system will not only increase employee productivity, but it will also decrease overhead.

Every iVendTech and IDS automated office supply dispensing machine comes with online real-time tracking, so management can see how often and how many of each item is actually used. That data can then be used for office supply management in order to keep only the stock necessary, whether it’s a specialized tool or merely coffee supplies.

Accepting shrinkage and lost productivity as part of doing business is a thing of the past. Modern solutions, like iVendTech’s inventory management system, will both decrease costs and increase employee efficiency. Visit our website today to learn how we can customize a vending machine for your business needs!

What Machines Do We Offer for the Modern Office?

From technology to services to subscriptions, the modern office of every industry is far more streamlined than those of generations past. Ask any office worker what their workspace consists of: usually just  a computer, some drawers, and a great pair of headphones. What does this mean for YOU, the Director of  Purchasing, Office Manager, or Building Manager? Well, the supplies you offer your tenants and employees will not just consist of the typical staplers, pens, and notebooks anymore. Your employees’ needs are different, and it’s up to you to accommodate those needs.

This is where IDS enters the picture. Our unique office supply vending machines are a quintessential part of the modern office, particularly for the tech industry. In these environments, tech hardware must be in perfect working order at any given moment of the day. Without these supplies, employees are simply unable to perform what you are paying them to do. Our modern office lockers and vending machines provide an easy, secure, and efficient way to keep efficiency at 100%.

Here’s a small sampling of the modern office lockers and vending machines we offer.Inquire with our helpful, talented customer support team if you have additional questions or quote requests for these machines.

Host Machines: A host or standalone workplace vending machine simply means it is a single machine that contains a Tech Controller. These machines vend various sizes and varieties of hardware that are carefully vended when the appropriate code is entered. All host machines include a Numeric Pin Code that allows customers to identify individual usage.

Satellite Machines: Satellite machines sit side-by-side to a host machine and do not contain a designated Tech Controller, as satellite machines operate off of the Tech Controller of the host machine. Satellite machines are configurable for office supplies and IT peripherals of various sizes.

11 and 12-door Host  Lockers: The Smart Secure Locker 11-Door Host provides the ability for on-demand dispensing of larger office supplies and IT peripherals that are unable to be dispensed from the IT5000 with Tech Controller Machine and allows users to access and return high cost items or items that contain sensitive data (i.e. laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.) through a will-call application.

Want to learn more about any of these innovative office supply vending machines? Visit the IDS website today. We’re glad to answer any and all of your questions! Contact us here.

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What Can You Store in an IDS 12-Door Locker?

The IDS 12-door Locker is a unique dispensing apparatus, conceptually similar to a vending machine while providing the next level of service: dispensing larger inventory like laptops, backpacks, and kits. This system is a more efficient way of tracking inventory usage, and provides another level of security for these items.

Some additional features of the locker include optional LED lighting to illuminate your offerings, optional re-charging adaptors for stored tech items, and personalization options (i.e. choose a single color for your machine, or customize the locker with your logo and colors! Speak to a representative about this option).

This machine is incredibly versatile! Here are some of the ways to use this supply locker and the types of items that you can store that could benefit your company.



  • Blankets
  • Games
  • Breast pumps
  • Blenders / Small Kitchen Appliances
  • Books


  • Laptops
  • Notebooks
  • Tablets
  • Projectors
  • Textbooks
  • Uniforms


  • Med Kits
  • AEDs
  • BioHazard suits
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Bedpans

  • Laptops
  • Equipment
  • Medical Kits
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Recreational gear (games, video game equipment, ping-pong rackets)


  • Flatware sets
  • Medical Kits
  • AEDs
  • Centerpieces
  • Coloring books / Crayons


  • Nail drying kits
  • Waxing kits
  • Spa gear
  • Bathing suits
  • Robes
  • Haircut capes

The possibilities are truly endless! Speak to a representative today to learn how a IDS 12-door Locker can benefit your business today. We offer financing options as well as leasing opportunities, so please be in touch with us to make this a reality for your employees and customers. Strongly considering the IDS 12-door Locker? Check out the technical specs this locker requires on this page.

We’re Heading to Orlando for “Work”

We are excited to be heading to gorgeous Orlando, Florida November 9-13 for the Service Management World Show. IDS will be showing off our helpful solutions for managing office and technology supplies. The Service Management World Show from HDI is a great opportunity to hear from service management experts and learn about the latest trends in the industry.

The IDS iVendTech solution reduces costs from untracked office and IT supplies and increases employees’ productivity. Our machines are simple to use, they work 24/7, they don’t take breaks or need vacation time.  

Supply dispensers provide instant access for employees to IT products and other essential office supplies.

“I used to be inundated with requests for IT peripherals and other office supplies, said Kyle Williams, IT Support Specialist at GoSpotCheck.”But since implementing the vending machines these requests have dropped to almost none.”

Kyle Williams, IT Support Specialist at GoSpotCheck.

Daniel Bolens is the Desktop Services Specialist at JAMF Software. He calls the IDS iVendTech machines the “perfect solution.” After researching other suppliers he determined “IDS had the best technological solution.”

Daniel Bolens, Desktop Services Specialist at
JAMF Software

For more information about our iVendTech machines for your office and IT supply management give us a call at 1-877-771-4446.

UCapIt – The Next Level of Supply Management for Medical Settings

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 2.34.41 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 2.35.19 PM

IDS continues to be at the forefront of innovative vending machine solutions for professionals in every field with their UCapIt series of health care product machines. With both refrigerated and non-refrigerated options, the Cap3, Cap5, and locker-style models all offer a better way to dispense both pharmaceutical and emergency medical service (EMS) items as needed.

What are the benefits of the intelligent UCapIt system in a hospital setting?

Unlike simplistic machines that simply pop open drawers when the correct codes are entered, UCapIt medical supply vending can handle a vast array of different items, from medication to EMS supplies, from oxygen to backboards.

The technology allows for a variety of access options, from traditional pin numbers to proximity card readers to biometric scanning of fingerprints, or combinations. Theft and shrinkage become problems of the past when UCapIt is onsite to track who accessed what stock and when. Storeroom inventory accountability is always working to ensure that older items are used first and that any low stock levels are ordered promptly, all through customized automation.

Managing the UCapIt system is simple, and you can receive updates and information by email, or even text message, which is perfect for medical professionals on the go. Customized reports offer medical supply management by tracking inventory, usage, and even the well-being of the machine itself through self-diagnostic reports.

With the various sizes of UCapIt machines, it is easy and convenient to place a few throughout the medical area or hospital, which can save valuable time in accessing needed items. Saving time in a hospital often equates to lives saved and, at the very least, cost saving, as employees spend less time using the newer streamlined system.

By saving time and money, improving access to needed supplies, and allowing for real-time monitoring and reordering, the UCapIt system isn’t simply a desirable addition to any healthcare setting; it is a modern necessity.

The Wittern Group Announces its Commitment to the American Business Act on Climate Pledge

Intelligent Dispensing Solution’s parent company, The Wittern Group, joins 153 companies who have signed the American Business Act on Climate Pledge in their support for action on climate change.

Intelligent Dispensing SolutionsDES MOINES, IOWA – December 7, 2015 – Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, announces The Wittern Group’s commitment to the American Business Act on Climate Pledge.  The official announcement from the White House highlights the commitments from 73 companies, including The Wittern Group, from across the American economy that are joining the American Business Act on Climate Pledge. With this announcement, a total of 154 companies will have signed the Pledge.  These companies have operations in all 50 states, employ nearly 11 million people, represent more than $4.2 trillion in annual revenue, and have a combined market capitalization of over $7 trillion.

By signing the American Business Act on Climate Pledge, The Wittern Group is voicing support for an outcome that takes a strong step forward toward a low-carbon, sustainable future at the COP21 Paris climate negotiations.  As a part of this Pledge, The Wittern Group is demonstrating an ongoing focus on climate action by committing to:

  • Reducing water usage by 10% by 2020
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in their vending products by 45% by 2025
  • Increasing investment in low-carbon, climate-resilient, and green projects by $2 million by 2025
  • Developing long-term business plans that align with the deep DE carbonization necessary to keep global average temperatures from rising less than 2C

“Sustainability is an important initiative for Intelligent Dispensing Solutions and The Wittern Group as we look to grow our business while remaining agile amid a changing environmental landscape,” commented Heidi Chico, CEO of The Wittern Group and NAMA Board Member.  “By committing to the American Business Act on Climate Pledge, The Wittern Group, along with Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, is taking a leadership role by focusing on initiatives that will increase the profile of the vending industry and demonstrate our industry’s commitment to climate action.”

The Wittern Group is one of seven National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) member companies that have committed to the American Business Act on Climate Pledge.  NAMA is the association representing the $25 billion U.S. vending and refreshment service industry.  These seven companies demonstrate an ongoing commitment to climate action and to voice their support for a strong outcome at the Paris climate negotiations.

“The Wittern Group recognizes that delaying action on climate change will be costly in economic and human terms, while accelerating the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable economy will produce multiple benefits with regard to economic growth, public health, and the well being of the global environment,” commented Heidi Chico, CEO of The Wittern Group and NAMA Board Member.  “The Wittern Group is proud to be a small but integral part in addressing climate change and through this Pledge has committed to ambitious, yet achievable, goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and utilize clean energy alternatives.”


About The Wittern Group

Founded in 1931 by F.A. Wittern Sr., The Wittern Group provides a full range of products and services to meet all vending needs including design, manufacturing, financing, national and international sales, re-manufacturing programs, parts, and support services. The Wittern Group is structured to help people succeed in vending.

Contact: Heidi Chico // Tel: +1 (515) 271.8425 // E-mail:

See the Cap5 Medical Office Vending Machine from IDS at the 2014 Texas EMS Conference

The EMS Conference in Texas is coming up from November 23-26, allowing EMS workers to see the latest tools and equipment in action. During the conference, attendees can experience workshops and hands-on sessions, lectures, and preconference classes. Some of the perks of this event, besides the large amounts of information offered, is the fact that attendees will receive free coffee, free lunch, and be able to attend an awards ceremony where EMS workers are honored for their contributions.

This year, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions will be in attendance showcasing two exciting medical office vending machines; the Cap 5 and the Cap 5 Refrigerated.

CAPIn the realm of custom vending machines, staying updated on the latest technology is essential, which is exactly what IDS does. When it comes to vending machine manufacturers, IDS understands the industry like no other. Below is more information about the two medical office supply vending machines on display by IDS at this year’s Texas EMS Conference.


The CAP 5 provides users with full control over a large number of medical packages and products. This vending machine offers secure storage for all items that are necessary to perform in the EMS field. It offers an electronic display and an intelligent control system to ensure that all transactions are monitored.

CAP 5 Refrigerated

The CAP 5 Refrigerated vending machine allows full control over a large variety of medical packages and products in a refrigerated environment. This provides maximum longevity for essential products that are needed on a daily basis. This machine offers a number of exciting features, including an intelligent control system, which allows for a 24-7 real time reporting of any transactions. It also offers durable shelves, a high security lock, and an extra-large delivery port.

Who can the CAP 5 help?

The CAP 5 technology is a type of innovative service that has been created by Intelligent Dispensing Solutions to help ensure that pharmaceutical products and other medical products are available in an easy and efficient manner for EMS, Veterinary, and other medical professionals. No more digging through unorganized cabinets for the right item. With the CAP 5 and an ID badge, EMS and other medical workers can easily and quickly access the product they need. Managers can also easily keep track of the materials being used and by whom with built-in tracking.

When it comes to medical vending machines, having efficient and effective equipment is essential. The CAP 5 and The Cap 5 Refrigerated provide any medical organization an effective way to dispense pharmaceuticals and other medical products, even in high-pressure situations. For anyone who wants to see the CAP 5 in action, attending this year’s Texas EMS Conference is a must.

Secure Dispensers for Office Supply Vending Machines

Vending machines have long been one of the best ways to get a wide range of different products to consumers in a quick and efficient manner. Because of the automated nature of these solutions, however, security was always a primary concern. A vending machine representative or service technician isn’t necessarily going to check a particular unit every day, so it could be quite awhile before anyone even realizes that theft has occurred. Now, one industry leader is taking things to the next level by offering vending machine solutions with a focus on security above all else.

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, a leading vending machine manufacturer and provider for both operators and businesses around the world, has released a new line of automated office supply vending machines into the marketplace with a major emphasis on security. These machines track office supplies by letting customers log in with their own user IDs and passwords to make a purchase. This adds a bold new level of accountability to the equation, as each purchase is always tied to a specific person. Management can then view these detailed records to help see who is participating in what types of activity at a moment’s notice. Keeping track of inventory and making sure that a machine stays secure has truly never been easier.

IQ Technology leverages the power of the cloud with inventory tracking to help provide an efficient solution that is intently focused on security at the same time.

IQ is an Internet-based software system, which means that business owners and vendors can access important diagnostic information about a particular vending machine from any device on the planet with an active Web connection. Business leaders can track current inventory levels, see who is checking out certain items, see when (or if) they’re being promptly returned and more. It’s a system that can be used to manage as many machines as necessary given the needs of a business, so long as each machine is connected to the Internet.

In addition to preventing theft, IQ-enabled solutions are also adept at preventing fraud. All transactions are 100% encrypted, so both consumers and business owners don’t have to worry about things like credit card fraud or identity theft when using these machines.

Thanks to the engineers and designers at Intelligent Dispensing Solutions and similar companies all over the world, security concerns are now a thing of the past. Businesses can depend on vending machines to help with everything from inventory control to efficiency and productivity management, all without having to worry about theft and similar issues that were prominent in an era not too long passed.

ScrubTrak Pro Tips: Keeping your Scrubs Sanitary


Being knowledgeable about the sanitation of your scrubs, and taking preventative measures to keep scrubs clean is key to avoiding the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses.

In a study conducted by the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) stated more than 60% of uniforms worn by nurses and doctors who work in hospitals tested positive for dangerous bacteria.

To combat pesky bacteria, we’ve gathered a few scrub cleaning pro tips that will help keep these germs at bay:

Store your scrubs properly.

  • When you’re leaving the doctor’s office or hospital, take a moment to change into your normal attire. Remove your scrubs and place them in a sealable plastic bag, a large ziplock bag that can be reused is the way to go. This prevents people in your commute home from being exposed to the bacteria that is hanging out on your scrubs.

Consider getting a ScrubTrak dispenser for your medical facility.

  • Hospital grade laundering services provides a thorough, cleaning process that cannot be replicated in home washing machines and ensures scrubs are rid of infectious germs. Through automating the process for receiving and returning scrubs, ScrubTrak assists hospitals in complying with AORN’s recommendation for surgical attire to be laundered by a healthcare laundry facility to avoid the spread of infectious bacteria on scrubs of medical personnel who have patient interaction. By offering dispensing and return units for scrubs, and monitoring compliance through our real-time software system, hospital administrators can confidently comply with AORN. In addition, ScrubTrak’s return units allow for convenient and safe scrub pick-up by laundering staff.

Wash after every wear.

  • Although your scrubs may seem clean, perhaps you only worked a 4 hour shift; regardless, your scrubs need to be washed with hot water after every single wear. It is not a matter of personal hygiene, rather about the prevention of nasty bacteria and viruses.

For hospital and medical facility managers, we highly recommend that you check out the ScrubTrak site and features.