The Brain of Our Machines

Managing inventory control, no matter what industry you are in, can be a real challenge. This is especially true if you are unsure about where your inventory is going and who has access to what. Our controlled dispensing machines simplifies this for you with the help of iQ Technology.

iQ Technology is the brain of IDS’ dispensing machines. It is a cloud-based system that gives managers complete control and customization of supply dispensers and the associated inventory. It allows managers to track sales remotely and create unique point-of-sale displays for all employees. You can now have complete control over your supply room by putting supplies into dispensers and tracking who is checking out what merchandise. In addition to that, managers can tailor usage restrictions on an individual basis. If a certain individual is going through an unusually high amount of highlighters, for example, you can put a limit on how many they can access every month. 

With iQ Vending Technology, you have direct access to its dashboard. This dashboard includes the system’s health and the dispense overview, so you know how much inventory you have left. It will also allow you to make note of an item that may have run out too quickly. In addition to the dashboard feature, there are a number of software features that allow iQ Technology to run smoothly. It gives you 24/7 cloud-based database access, so you can access reports anytime, anywhere. It will also give you automated real-time inventory and management reporting. 

Managers can receive various reports and alerts about their controlled dispensers with the help of iQ Technology. Reports will be sent whenever a user has exceeded his or her limit on items retrieved. Managers can also receive a usage summary, inventory consumption, restrock summary and so much more. These reports make it easy to stay on top of inventory counts and assures that your machine is working properly.

Tracking inventory can be a real challenge, especially when you do not have a system in place to track your current inventory. With iQ Technology. This issue can be fixed with ease. To learn more about iQ Technology and other systems IDS has to offer, give us a call at 1-855-942-0998 or click here to fill out our contact form. 

How to Take Control Back in Your Hospital Pharmacy

EMS_CAP5Ref_Medical_Vending_MachineDrug diversion is an incredibly serious issue that is affecting a huge number of medical facilities across the country. According to a survey conducted by the Mayo Clinic in 2014, drug abuse among those in the general population runs at around 5% annually. The theory is that the number will actually be higher for medical professionals like pharmacy employees, however, because they have convenient access to the drugs that they seek. Now, many organizations are turning to technological advancements to help take back control in their hospital pharmacies once and for all.

The technology that is commonly employed to combat this type of issue involves a machine called an automated dispensing cabinet. Not only do hospitals and other facilities get the convenience that is associated with a medical vending machine, but they also have different layers of security to help deter drug theft and keep criminals at bay. Certain machines can have up to five different authorized access levels, for example, allowing employees instant access to only the products and items that are relevant to do their jobs on a daily basis. All relevant employee information can be recorded for each transaction, keeping a detailed record of who is checking out which item at what time.

One example of an organization that is using this type of technology to curb drug diversion and theft issues is UCapIt. With UCapIt’s Controlled Access Pharmaceutical Dispenser, for example, all transactions between an employee and a machine are individually tracked and reported. Not only does this help medical facilities keep a better eye on their inventory and alert them to situations where orders may need to be placed, but it also inserts a new level of accountability into the equation. If you always know who is checking out items, you know exactly who to turn to in the event that something goes missing.

With UCapIt’s solutions, EMS professionals can instantly check their hospital pharmacy inventory 24 hours a day, seven days a week – even from remote locations. Some of the security measures that are in place on these devices include fingerprint readers, barcode scanners, proximity card readers, unique PIN numbers and more.

Though drug theft is a major issue at many hospitals and pharmacies around the country, companies like UCapIt are doing everything in their power to put technology to good use  and ward off criminals once and for all. With automated dispensing solutions and  additional layers of security, organizations won’t have to worry about these types of issues much longer.

Secure Dispensers for Office Supply Vending Machines

Vending machines have long been one of the best ways to get a wide range of different products to consumers in a quick and efficient manner. Because of the automated nature of these solutions, however, security was always a primary concern. A vending machine representative or service technician isn’t necessarily going to check a particular unit every day, so it could be quite awhile before anyone even realizes that theft has occurred. Now, one industry leader is taking things to the next level by offering vending machine solutions with a focus on security above all else.

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, a leading vending machine manufacturer and provider for both operators and businesses around the world, has released a new line of automated office supply vending machines into the marketplace with a major emphasis on security. These machines track office supplies by letting customers log in with their own user IDs and passwords to make a purchase. This adds a bold new level of accountability to the equation, as each purchase is always tied to a specific person. Management can then view these detailed records to help see who is participating in what types of activity at a moment’s notice. Keeping track of inventory and making sure that a machine stays secure has truly never been easier.

IQ Technology leverages the power of the cloud with inventory tracking to help provide an efficient solution that is intently focused on security at the same time.

IQ is an Internet-based software system, which means that business owners and vendors can access important diagnostic information about a particular vending machine from any device on the planet with an active Web connection. Business leaders can track current inventory levels, see who is checking out certain items, see when (or if) they’re being promptly returned and more. It’s a system that can be used to manage as many machines as necessary given the needs of a business, so long as each machine is connected to the Internet.

In addition to preventing theft, IQ-enabled solutions are also adept at preventing fraud. All transactions are 100% encrypted, so both consumers and business owners don’t have to worry about things like credit card fraud or identity theft when using these machines.

Thanks to the engineers and designers at Intelligent Dispensing Solutions and similar companies all over the world, security concerns are now a thing of the past. Businesses can depend on vending machines to help with everything from inventory control to efficiency and productivity management, all without having to worry about theft and similar issues that were prominent in an era not too long passed.

Keeping Your Office Working Efficiently

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When you think about office vending machines, an office supply distribution machine is likely not what comes to mind. However, today, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions is helping place these machines in offices across the nation. These innovative vending machines ensure employees are well prepared for every task and have easy access to the tools and materials they need.

IQ Technology:
With IQ technology, vending machines have been shown to reduce inventory waste by at least 25 percent through stock monitoring and reporting. Some of our IDS machines even have the capability to use an employee ID, or other form of identification, to procure items from the machine. Who gets what out of the machine is then reported so there is employee accountability. This process is called inventory reporting. It is key for a few reasons —one being the aforementioned accountability and the other being the fact that sales will let employers know what products are going faster than others in their machines.

Other benefits:
In addition to cutting down on waste in regards to office materials and tools, the machines also increase productivity thanks to the fact that needed tools are replaced quickly. For example, consider an employee is working on a big project, and their keyboard suddenly quits. In the past, it would take at least a few days to a week to replace the keyboard, due to the fact that it would normally involve the IT department ordering said keyboard. During this time, the employee would be unproductive. However, with office vending machines, the employee can have instant access to a new keyboard and is able to get back to work.

Vending machine products and other benefits of office vending machines:
Aside from keyboards, these office supply distribution machines have the capability to provide employees easy access to many other items like construction tools, medical equipment, electrical appliances and much more. Due to our machines’ versatility and ease of use, many businesses are now foregoing having an IT
department. Therefore, a vending machine, which supplies needed resources, can save employers the cost of paying IT personnel.

Although snack and soda vending machines will still find a home in office settings, machines that provide tools and materials are a worthy addition to any office as it does enable an office run more efficiently.

Free Your Office Manager from the Drudgery of Managing Office Supplies

In many businesses, one person (often the office manager or an assistant) is in charge of controlling access to the office supplies. If this is how your organization allocates resources, you should know that a vending machine is an ideal solution for keeping track of office supplies.

The office vending machines provided by Intelligent Dispensing Solutions will free up your manager from having to keep track of who is getting notebooks, pens, staples, USB drives and other items that workers need on a daily basis.

This is a waste of your employees’ valuable time. Why make a person keep track of office supplies when an intelligent vending machine can take care of this chore quickly and efficiently?

Employees only need to swipe their ID badge in the vending machine’s card-reading slot, enabling you to effectively keep track of who is obtaining office supplies, the types of items they are getting, and how often  they use the device.

What’s more, with the vending machine connected to the Internet, it’s easy to manage your office supply inventory remotely with this office inventory system, which is especially useful when you are managing multiple office locations. You can quickly get reports about which items are running low and need to be replenished. The result is easier office supply inventory management and greater accountability, while cutting down on employees pilfering office supplies for private use at home.

Smart Vending Software

Office Vending MachienA great vending machine will have more inside than just products to dispense. As a vending machine manufacturer that is constantly working to deliver creative and innovative solutions in various industries, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions knows that the parts and software that run a smart vending machine determine how successful the machine will be.

To ensure that your Office Supply System from IDS functions properly and gives you the tools you need to monitor your machine, we have developed IQ Technology. This software allows your machine to provide benefits to both machine operators and machine patrons; making it easier to manage the machine and inventory and to customize vending experiences for customers.

Our IQ Smart Vending Machine Software is able to offer complete transaction security whether you use a PIN code, bar code, mag stripe, PROX card or other ID systems by encrypting data and not storing security information. The web-based interface of this software creates an efficient way to manage multiple machines from any location and also includes mobile tracking and alerts to stay informed on any issues that may arise with your machines. IQ Software also includes guaranteed delivery verification sensors that will ensure a successful dispensing for every transaction.

Fitness Vending Machines for Summer

Intelligent Dispensing SolutionsWith the weather heating up faster than ever, this is the season to get fit! From the track to the gym, people usually use the summer months as a chance to get out and get back into shape. Whether you’re serving bodybuilders or casual joggers, no one can achieve maximum fitness without the right mix of refreshment and nutrition. Fortunately, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions can craft a fitness vending machine perfect for all types of health enthusiasts!

Whether you run a busy gym or a laid-back country club, a custom gym vending machine makes a perfect counterpart of any place where people work out and play sports. Aside from providing sports drinks and energy bars, fitness vending units can dispense key accessories like weight gloves and goggles, which will save your clients valuable time they’d otherwise spend at a sporting goods store. And thanks to iQ technology, you can connect your clients’ membership to your gym with your machine, allowing them to access the goods they need most whenever they like.

No matter the activity, this is the season to have fun and get in shape. By utilizing a custom gym vending machine in any place of fitness, your customers will have a better time than ever staying fit!