“Improved” Vending Machines

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions vending machine manufacturers custom build for your specific products or supply needs, and we’re pretty proud of our appliances; but we have to give it to MythBusters duo Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman for their enthusiastic, aggressive prototype for Seven Up in this vending machine commercial.

It’s a shame that didn’t take off, right? But actually, when you invest in IDS’ custom vending machines for retail, office, school, hospitality, or any other business setting, you can have the same control over your units as if they had caterpillar tracks attached, like they did on this vending machine commercial.

With IDS’ iQ technology, you can manage your inventory from anywhere with an internet connection. Our cloud-based software system allows you 24/7 access to your data, tracking and managing as many machines as you like, regardless of whether or not they are in the same location. But iQ does more than that. Used in combination with support software, you can also track the inventory in your stock room or in your delivery vehicles. That means your complete product chain can be tracked for reordering and — in the case of perishable product — expiration status.

iQ’s powerful reporting capabilities assist managers in optimizing their dispensing system. Usage reports, re-stock lists, inventory position and many other management reports can be generated and printed online, exported to your desktop or imported into your billing/tracking software, whatever’s most convenient. So, there really is an improved custom vending machine, available just for you.

Work Out Convenience

Staying in shape requires a lot of dedication and hard work, as well as the right gear and equipment. Many of us join gyms in order to gain access to all of the equipment and facilities we need to practice our favorite sports or perform our exercise routines. In addition to having all of the right equipment at the gym, we often require proper gear and clothing to work out comfortably, safely and stylishly.

Companies such as Speedo have capitalized on this very need by creating custom Speedo vending machines that are branded with their logos and graphics and vend everything from swimming goggles to swimwear and flip flop sandals. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions has the ability to create these custom Speedo vending machines that can vend almost any product you would need to exercise at the gym.

Our machines use advanced technology to vend almost any items in a machine that is perfect for your facility. From what the machine vends to how it looks and functions, we will work with you to create a profitable vending solution. Since most gyms and workout facilities function with a membership program for customers, we can design a machine that utilizes those memberships as methods of payment so patrons won’t have to be carrying cash or cards with them during their workout to use the machine.

Retail Vending Solutions For Surly Cashiers

Who needs this?

The cashier was once seen as a bustling eager young sprite, hoping to help you find anything you need. “Thanks for stopping in today (sir or ma’am),” they would chirp. “Did you find everything you needed?”

Of course the cultural depiction of this once charming occupation has since changed. Today’s perception is more along the lines of gruff people who seem to be angered to have a job haphazardly throwing whatever you bought in bags with the enthusiasm of a zombie.

It is enough to suck any joy you might have had out of any retail experience. Most of us are not rich and if the sheer presence of a cashier is going to increase the price of a product we are buying, then they had better offer some sort of service. At the very least, offer a smile. It makes the inevitable ascent of shopping on the web make so much more sense.

Another thing that makes sense for immediate needs like snacks and beverages is the ascent of vending machines everywhere and anywhere. Convenient food vending is on the rise and the reason is likely the demise of the service industry. Not that there aren’t some stores that specialize in customer service and do a great job. Just that those stores are generally not retailing candy bars and cans of soda.

Working Late and Need Supplies? A Vending Machine Comes to the Rescue

If your company has a policy of locking up the office supplies after hours, it can cause a problem for those employees who are working late at night. The last thing an employee wants to see is a locked door to the supply closet when he or she needs to quickly burn some important data to a DVD or copy files to a flash drive to take on the next day’s business trip.

Rather than forcing your employees to leave the premises and try to find an office supply store that is still open at night, you can set up a supply vending machine that will provide them with the items they need, 24/7. If an employee accidentally spills coffee on a keyboard during a late-night session, for example, it’s easy to get a replacement from the vending machine and then get back to work.

You’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your employees won’t be tempted to make off with valuable office supplies when no one is around to supervise them. At Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, we provide customized vending machine solutions to help companies dispense office supplies to their employees without having to manually keep tabs on each item they request.

Because the machines accept worker ID numbers, your employees will know that management can see exactly who is obtaining items from the 24/7 vending machine, which will keep them accountable and reduce waste.

Staying Informed on Office Supplies

Vending Machine ManufacturersWith the information available to businesses of all sizes through software that measures everything from specific sales figures to website visits and even employee productivity, businesses are steadily becoming more efficient than ever. Some things are easier to track than others and things that happen electronically are much easier to track than things that require a piece of hardware to track each event or things that need to be manually counted and recorded before they can be recorded electronically.

Office supplies are a notorious culprit for things that are difficult to track. Especially if you have a larger office or rely heavily on expensive office supplies for your facility to operate effectively, keeping track of physical inventory that can be accessed by anyone is a daunting task.

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions has made this process easier by developing an office supply system that not only tracks the office supplies and products that are dispensed, but safely and securely stores them. By not having to restrict access to employees and being able to measure and track office supply usage, these office vending machines give you the information you need to run a business efficiently and your employees the ease of access to supplies they need to do their work.

Smart Subway Vending Machines

If you have ever traveled or lived in New York City, you have most likely experienced the city’s famous subway system. The MTA, the organization responsible for public transportation in New York, is constantly trying to come up with ways to improve commuting for the millions of people that use the subway system daily.

Since 1993, commuters have used custom vending machines to purchase a plastic or paper MetroCard in order to ride the subway. Until now, scanning credit cards and debit cards in the machine or paying with cash and coin were the only options available to pay for your MetroCard.  The MTA is now testing a new method of payment in which customers are able to press their card against a Smart Card reader on the machine and wirelessly. This form of credit card scanning has been used in retail stores for a while now, but the technology is still widely unused due to concerns about credit card security and slow adaptation by credit card companies and consumers.

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions sees this version of credit card payment slowly replacing traditional credit card scanners because of its ease and ability to process thousands of vending transactions without any physical wear on the machine.

Keeping Your Office Working Efficiently

iQ technology - Smart Vending - IDS - Intelligent Dispensing Solutions - Custom Vending Machines

When you think about office vending machines, an office supply distribution machine is likely not what comes to mind. However, today, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions is helping place these machines in offices across the nation. These innovative vending machines ensure employees are well prepared for every task and have easy access to the tools and materials they need.

IQ Technology:
With IQ technology, vending machines have been shown to reduce inventory waste by at least 25 percent through stock monitoring and reporting. Some of our IDS machines even have the capability to use an employee ID, or other form of identification, to procure items from the machine. Who gets what out of the machine is then reported so there is employee accountability. This process is called inventory reporting. It is key for a few reasons —one being the aforementioned accountability and the other being the fact that sales will let employers know what products are going faster than others in their machines.

Other benefits:
In addition to cutting down on waste in regards to office materials and tools, the machines also increase productivity thanks to the fact that needed tools are replaced quickly. For example, consider an employee is working on a big project, and their keyboard suddenly quits. In the past, it would take at least a few days to a week to replace the keyboard, due to the fact that it would normally involve the IT department ordering said keyboard. During this time, the employee would be unproductive. However, with office vending machines, the employee can have instant access to a new keyboard and is able to get back to work.

Vending machine products and other benefits of office vending machines:
Aside from keyboards, these office supply distribution machines have the capability to provide employees easy access to many other items like construction tools, medical equipment, electrical appliances and much more. Due to our machines’ versatility and ease of use, many businesses are now foregoing having an IT
department. Therefore, a vending machine, which supplies needed resources, can save employers the cost of paying IT personnel.

Although snack and soda vending machines will still find a home in office settings, machines that provide tools and materials are a worthy addition to any office as it does enable an office run more efficiently.

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions to Attend West Region EMS & Trauma Care Council in February

west region care council

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, one of the world’s top medical vending machine manufacturers, is pleased to announce that they will be attending the West Region EMS and Trauma Care Council event to take place on February 20-22, 2015. These events will allow IDS to exhibit some of their state-of-the-art medical vending machines for pharmaceutical control, as well as their revolutionary new EMS locker systems.

One of the many topics of discussion that IDS will engage in during the events has to do with their medical vending machines, which allow a greater level of both security and control to healthcare professionals. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions designs their vending machines to allow professionals in the healthcare field to instantly access and restock certain medical items using standardized access protocol. Features, such as iQ software allows an organization to catalog and time-stamp all withdrawals, as well as regulate access to medical supplies to people with a certain authority level in order to reduce theft and to improve the efficiency of the facility as a whole.

EMS locker systems are designed to add additional infrastructure to medical facilities of all sizes, giving them the ability to control access to larger EMS supplies like back boards, radios, oxygen tanks, safety clothing and more. EMS locker systems come in a few different varieties, like the CAP 12 Door Locker and the CAP 3 Door Locker. Each unit includes adjustable back panels, LED lighting and other features that make it a versatile solution for all medical storage needs. Custom colors are also available to help an EMS locker system fit in with the existing design aesthetic of a healthcare facility.

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions has long been seen as an industry-leading vending machine manufacturer, as well as a solutions provider for vending operators and businesses of all sizes. One of the company’s current focuses involves promoting vending machines that are designed for an office  and retail environment that enable businesses to safely and securely store and organize various types of office supplies.

logoThe West Region EMS and the Trauma Care Council event will take place on February 20-22, 2015 at the Ocean Shores Convention Center in Ocean Shores, Washington. Now in it’s 30th year, the event is designed to bring healthcare professionals involved in emergency care together for an educational conference designed to share information, empower people with new technology and alert them to the types of solutions that will help them do their jobs better on a daily basis.

Secure Office Vending Machines

The office supplies that most businesses use every day have evolved dramatically over the past few years. While not that long ago, pens, pencils and notepads were crucial to employees’ abilities to get work done, now keyboards, mice and phone chargers have become the critical lineup of office necessities.

While all of these items will help employees stay productive, tech items such as computer mice and phone chargers are a little harder to just store in a closet for many reasons. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions realizes that irregularly-shaped items, computer accessories with long cords and fragile items are difficult to store and keep organized. Many of these office items require extra security due to their high value.

Secure supply vending machines offer the perfect solution for securely storing your items and making sure that they stay organized after they are stocked in the machine. Office Supply Systems from IDS offer a variety of ways to access the items in the machine while keeping them secure, including PIN numbers, bar codes, mag stripes, PROX card or other point of use ID systems. All the data is encrypted and no data is stored to ensure security.

Medical Custom Vending Machine

As a custom vending machine manufacturer, IDS is constantly looking for ways to improve the dispensing technology for various industries. Intelligent Dispensing Solution‘s answer to storing and managing medical supplies is custom vending machines that are able to safely and securely store sensitive and valuable medical supplies.

From pharmaceutical supplies, to EMS equipment or scrubs, IDS’s custom vending machines are able to help manage your facility’s supply with reliable designs. To achieve this, our machines incorporate cloud-based tracking and real-time inventory control to help you know exactly how many units were vended and how many are in the machine, among other helpful statistics.

Reducing inventory shrinkage is another result of installing custom machines. By controlling access to the supply, these machines provide professionalism and peace of mind.