Virtual Tracker

Virtual Tracker

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions is a pioneer in the field of smart lockers and dispensing systems worldwide. Our innovative solutions include controlled and intelligent dispensing solutions for the healthcare industry and emergency services (including sanitizers, PPE equipment, controlled pharmaceuticals and narcotics, clean syringes and needles, and so on), IT industry (IT accessories and equipment), and for construction and manufacturing (tools and personal protective equipment).

The Virtual Tracker from IDS is powered by a smart software platform called iQ Technology. It is a combination of a web or mobile interface and features rich back-end software that allows users to track and manage resources that the employee of a business may need. iQ Technology powers the gathering of data from the machines to the communication with the cloud and other third-party applications. Together, they create an efficient and quick process for checking supplies in or out, speedy auditing, real-time reporting about stock levels, and integrated alert systems. It provides valuable insights into items checked out, items returned, order pickups, usage of supplies, and more, delivering visibility into essential aspects in real time. It allows full-cycle asset management across different organizations as it is easily configurable to meet the needs of any business. Additionally, iQ Technology integrates with the enterprise IT systems of a business to provide a 360-degree view into your organization’s inventory.

Key Features:

The Virtual Tracker is a complete package that places the power of inventory management at your fingertips.  Its web browser version and mobile app make it usable on any device that your organization or employees already have.

Interoperability with your existing supply chain systems, label leaders, bar code scanners and other data acquisition systems make Virtual Tracker easy to deploy.

Web notifications and mobile push notifications can help in calling attention to incidents or unusual usage. This, combined with customizable reports, make the availability of intelligence on inventory to the right audience easy.

Using the virtual tracker is a simple three step process. Users no longer need to fill out long forms or walk to IT support and wait in a queue.

You can remotely track your assets on a wide range of devices – the virtual tracker is that simple to use. So, whether you’re an Apple or Android fan, and whether you prefer working at your desktop  or on your mobile on the go, you can keep track of your inventory. Thanks to iQ Technology, you and your team can stay mobile and connected, and stay on top of inventory and asset activity, and follow them wherever they go.

Benefits of the Virtual Tracker

The software is a comprehensive inventory management platform that enables visibility and control into your inventory supply chain. Managers can use the interface to allocate resource ownership and manage consumption. The trackability and traceability enables hassle free audit. Users can not only collect equipment at their convenience, but also be constantly informed about when the product is ready for collection. Insightful reports and business analytics features of the tool can help business leaders make better business decisions.

Customer Reports and Automated Alerts

The Virtual Tracker will become the central source of all resource and inventory-related data. This places the responsibility for providing actionable insights in a timely manner on this platform. The Virtual Tracker executes this by a combination of standard and custom reports that can be then pushed as alerts through the different communication integrations of iQ Technology.

The smart technology sends you different types of alerts, and it can be set up to be sent to several people or just one. It can also be configured for automated workflows and escalation. The standard out-of-box alerts are:

  • Inventory level alerts
  • Expiring product alerts
  • Offline or downtime alerts
  • Machine door open alerts
  • Dispensed notifications

You can easily keep track of your asset inventory with these alerts, ordering products at the precise time that you need to. This eliminates downtime due to unavailability of resources or shrink due to overconsumption.

To implement this smart technology in your organization, manage your inventory efficiently, and save money, call us now at 1-877-771-4446.