As a seven compartment multi-functional locker, the SL7-Door Stand Alone Supply Locker provides secure dispensing of large, bulky, consumable and returnable supplies, tools and other assets. It features a mix of small and medium size compartments with the ability to dispense various sizes and shapes products such as gallon protein powders in a gym to oxygen tanks in a fire station to power tools in a manufacturing facility.

The SL7-Door features a 3.5” color display with keypad. With the SL7-Door TS model, upgrade the 3.5” color display and keypad with a vibrant 7” touch screen. The SL7-Door TS provides an engaging user experience and allows you to display detailed product information. The SL7-Door is able to accommodate a number of user interface options including Bar Code Reader, Mag Stripe Reader, Prox Card Reader, Biometrics, Credit Card Reader (Retail Applications)

Manufactured in the USA, the SL7-Door is available in both solid and windowed doors. Solid doors are ideal for click-and-collect / buy online pick-up in store applications, while many customers prefer windowed doors for retail and inventory management solutions in IT and office settings, manufacturing facilities, and health care environments such as hospitals and fire stations.

Powered by our proprietary iQ Technology software, the SL7-Door is versatile and is able to be used for consumables, will call, check-in/check-out, and retail applications. Consumables and check-in/check-out applications are primarily used for inventory management and asset control in offices, industrial facilities, hospitals and fire stations. Many schools, colleges and universities utilize retail and check-in check-out applications across their campus bookstores, dining and food services, and campus rec departments. While will-call is primarily used in IT help desk settings.

Many customers placing the SL7-Door in an office environment, fitness facility, retail, or hospital setting prefer to custom brand their SL7-Door with a graphic wrap. Custom branding engages users, adds style to the machines and promotes a brand through a design meaningful to the location.

For additional capacity, add up to three 3, 4, 8, or 18 door Satellite Supply Lockers to your SL7-Door or SL7-Door TS standalone Supply Locker. View our satellite Supply Locker models to learn more.

SL7-Door Specifications

ColorBrilliant Black
Electrical Requirements115VAC/60hz, 1.2AMPS Domestic, 230VAC/50hz, 0.6AMPS International
Compartment Size Opening(5) 10-23/32”H x 10-15/16”W

(2) 10-15/16”W x 34-23/32”H

Depth: 22-15/16”D

Standard Features
  • 3.5” Color Display with Keypad Interface
  • LED Lighting
  • IQ Technology Software
  • Limited Parts Warranty
  • Equipment color: Brilliant black
  • CE Certification
  • UL Marking
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • 7” Touch Screen Upgrade
  • User Interfaces: Bar Code Reader, Mag Stripe Reader, Prox Card Reader, Biometrics, Credit Card Reader (Retail Applications)
  • Custom Graphic Wrap
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Windowed or Solid Doors
For use with…Connection to 3, 4, 8 or 18-door Satellite Supply Lockers
CompartmentSeven (7) Individual compartments
DimensionsWidth: 30-1/8″ (76.5 cm)

Height: 73-5/16” (186.2 cm)

Depth: 26-3/8” (62 cm)

Weight*327 lbs. (148.33 kg)

*Varies with configuration and options.