New User / Repair

New User / Repair most commonly utilizes a will-call application rather than an on-demand dispensing solution. Will-call is implemented using lockers that are electronically controlled through a web interface. The exact way this would be implemented within your organization depends on your current processes and how the current system could be adapted and integrated into existing processes.

For this example, let’s say an employee contacts the help desk to report a laptop failure. The employee needs a new laptop, which is re-imaged with their latest backup. The helpdesk could provide a one-time use code that allows the employee to open a specific locker, pre-stocked with replacement laptop. The employee would access the locker and take the replacement laptop.

By pre-stocking and distributing items from these on demand IT supply vending machines located throughout the organization’s worksite, time is saved and work interruptions are minimized on both the side of the helpdesk personnel as well as the employee requesting service. This solution allows helpdesk / phone support personnel to be centralized. In the case of a new user requiring more than just one piece of equipment the same approach could be used, however the locker would contain a “start-up kit” rather than just a single item.

Controlled Access

iVendTech’s machines provided controlled access to higher dollar or sensitive data office supplies and IT peripherals (i.e. laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc.).

Custom Branded

iVendTech machines can be uniquely branded by fully wrapping the machine with high resolution customized graphics.

iQ Technology

iQ Technology’s cloud-based operating system provides IT administrators with real-time inventory control management and data and reporting capabilities.

Rapid Dispensing and Return

iVendTech’s will-call dispensing application provides users to access and return office and IT supply items within seconds through a ‘check-in / check-out’ function.

Flexible Platform

iVendTech’s flexible platform allows the machine to be configured for direct interface by employee by numeric pin code or multiple badge reader interface options or retail payment options for cash, debit/credit card, and mobile payment options.

High Capacity

iVendTech machines allows authorized users to receive and return a dispense a variety of office and IT supply SKU’s within seconds and can accommodate up to two satellite machines for additional capacity.

Manufactured in the USA

iVendTech machines are manufactured in the U.S.A. (May include U.S. and imported components) at IDS’ production facility in Des Moines, IA. iVendTech machines are constructed of quality steel and utilize high-end components.

Step-by-Step Process Flow

  • 1

    Laptop Failure

    Employee experiences a laptop failure and requires a replacement laptop to continue working

  • 2

    Contact Help Desk

    Employee contacts the help desk / submits a new ticket to the help desk with the request for a replacement laptop.

  • 3

    Help Desk Validates

    Help desk validates the request, re-images a replacement laptop with the latest backup, and places the replacement laptop in the locker. Help desk then issues a one-time use code to employee in order to access the specific locker that was pre-stocked with the replacement laptop.

  • 4

    Code is Entered and Authenticated

    Employee enters unique one-time use code at the locker control panel. Machine sends code to verify authentication and if the code is value, the session continues, otherwise the session terminates.

  • 5

    Product Retrieval

    System opens the correct locker and the employee retrieves the replacement lap.

  • 6

    Information Sends to Database

    Transaction information is sent to the database:

    • Time and date
    • Account, site, machine
    • Locker used
    • Trouble ticket number
  • 7

    Session Ends

    End the session


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