Why UCapIt?

Take control of your inventory with UCapIt

Today more than ever hospitals, EMS providers and other healthcare organizations are challenged to provide a higher quality of patient care while reducing operating costs and facing increased regulatory requirements and patient volume. UCapIt provides an innovative, yet simple, solution to a persistent problem – how to effectively and efficiently control you hospital, EMS, and other healthcare facility inventory.

When it comes to managing your EMS inventory, you can never be too careful. With UCapIt, you can take back control of your medical supplies. UCapIt ensures that your narcotics and medical equipment are stored safely and securely. In fact, there are multiple ways to identify your crew members to allow access to supplies and equipment, such as inputting a unique code on a pinpad, proximity, barcode, magnetic strip or biometrics.

UCapIt is inventory management made simple when it matters most and every second counts.

Inventory Management Made Simple

Icon depicting reduced costs in navy blue

Reduces Inventory Carrying Costs

Limit Hoarding

Eliminates ‘shrink’ and

No Waste

Eliminates waste due to
expired products and


Provides full real time
reporting of how , what, why
and where

Secure Access

Provides access to inventory
while maintaining control and

Meet Regulations

Meets the FDA and DEA
federal guidelines for
pharmaceutical management

Reduce Admin Costs

Reduces administration costs
and streamlining operations

More Time

Increases the time apparatus
trucks can be in service