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Today more than ever, organizations are challenged to provide high-quality products and services while reducing operating costs.

IDS provides an innovative, yet simple, solution to a persistent problem. iQ Technology in our vending machines enables organizations to reduce inventory costs and increase productivity. iQ Technology processes real-time data captured from IDS’ hardware to give you the insight you need to stock, manage and spend wisely.

iQ Technology’s module-based approach ensure you pay for only the features you need to control and track your inventory efficiently depending upon your organization type and inventory management objectives.

Dispensing machines from Intelligent Dispensing Solutions allow employees to have access to the products they need in order to perform their tasks efficiently. Dispensing machines utilize coils, which have the flexibility and capability to dispense products of various shapes and sizes. Coils can be changed to dispense large boxes or writing utensils. In order to access these products, a user must input values provided by either a Keypad or Touchscreen entry, Barcode, Proximity, Biometric, or a combination of both.

No matter what software system you utilize, you want it to be a seamless transaction into your existing business. You want to make sure that employees can continue to access the products they need to perform their jobs in an efficient manner. iQ Technology integrates seamlessly into your system by allowing your employees to access the products they need through either Keypad or Touchscreen entry, by scanning a Barcode, through Proximity, with Biometrics or with a combination of these processes. These allow you to keep track of which products are going out to who, but it also ensures that only permitted employees are allowed to access your products.

Through the use of lockers, users can store a specific product or products for single access through input values from a single machine or connected machines, such as a dispenser or locker. The size of each locker compartment can be adjusted to the size of your products.

With the use of iQ Technology, multiple lockers can be hooked up to one machine, while still using a single control board. With everything tied into a single control board, the back end of the machine remains the same and features can be accessed using a single login, instead of multiple logins. This is especially useful while utilizing the lockers for will-call.

Whether you are using a supply dispenser or a supply locker, iQ Technology transactions seamlessly into your business. Users can be granted access to the products they need through either Keypad or Touchscreen entry, Barcode, Proximity, Biometric or a combination of all. Lockers have the ability to function in various modes including single dispense, multi dispense or check-in, and check-out.

Each business has its own business goals and needs. By utilizing iQ Technology, you find a system that works for you and your business, not the other way around.

Through iQ Technology, you will have exclusive access to product lists that are specific to your industry. The Global Products list is generated by IDS and is distributed to customers. All customers will have access to this same product list. The other list is a Local Products list. This is created by each individual account. Accounts can pull products from the Global Products list, but can also add their own products to the list.

When it comes to managing EMS and pharmaceutical assets, tracking lot numbers on products is crucial. iQ Technology allows users to track lot numbers on any product in the system from the moment it has been received into the supply room, all the way to the dispensing of the machine. You have the ability to keep track of where the product is and who accessed the product. This is crucial when it comes to the chain of custody on products. Never worry about not knowing where a product is or who had access to it with iQ Technology’s Lot Tracking.

With iQ Technology, you have the ability to put restrictions on whether or not employees can access certain products. Additionally, restrictions can be put on the number of products that can be accessed at one time. It is also imperative to note that for more restrictive products, you can request dual validation on products, so you ensure that products are going to the correct people.

In order to ensure that your time and money are being well-spent, iQ Technology provides a robust, back-end reporting system. This system provides real-time analytics and comprehensive, customizable reports that add valuable insights. With iQ Technology, you have access to an array of reports that can be produced for auditing purposes, as well as tracking machine usage. These reports include:

  • Picklist Reports show all of the picklists that have been accepted for each machine. Additionally, this report generates information regarding the restocking of the machine. It shows what machine was restocked and when.
  • Transaction Reports track all of the transactions that occur under a specific account. It will show who accessed what product, when the product was accessed and the machine it was accessed from. These reports allow you to keep track of where your inventory is going. This is especially useful if products are being cycled through too quickly. It gives you the ability to track who is using the product and to find out why it is happening. These details save you money on your inventory assets.
  • Unsold Product Reports allow you to keep track of inventory that has yet to be accessed during a specific time. Utilizing this report reduces the risk of keeping expired products within your machine. This is especially crucial when it comes to pharmaceuticals.
  • Each of these reports has one goal in mind: they help you manage different functions of your machine from just one location. It saves you time and money by keeping you productive and not having to go to each machine to review the inventory that you have available within the machines. Additionally, reports allow you to:
  • Eliminate the need for timely manual inventory audits
  • Reduce shrinkage and waste through accountability and access control
  • Generate auto reorders to decrease stock outages and lost sales
  • Increase employee productivity by reducing employee downtime with 24/7 point-of-use access to supplies

Manage the inventory that you have on hand anytime and anywhere with iQ Technology’s Supply Room feature. Save time and money by managing your inventory on the backend of your machine. You will no longer have to spend hours in the supply room taking inventory of the products you have on hand. Instead, simply access your entire supply room with the click of a button.

The Supply Room feature is beneficial for users when it comes to audits and risk reduction. You will have the ability to quickly see what products are close to expiring, so they can be used before the expiration dates hit. This will also save you money in the long run by not having to throw away unused inventory. In fact, utilizing iQ Technology will help you reduce costs by 30% to 40% through labor efficiency, product shrinkage and reduction and remote monitoring/stocking efficiency. Using the Supply Room helps with all of that.

Always be in the know about the health of your machine through alerts. Additionally, alerts can be created to be sent to multiple people, instead of just one person. Examples of alerts include:

  • Low stock in the machine
  • A product that will be expiring soon
  • Lack of internet connection
  • Open door on the machine
  • Item-specific dispenses

These alerts allow you to keep track of your asset inventory. You order products exactly when you need to order products, which eliminates having an overload of expired or nearly-expired inventory.

User-experience is one of the most important aspects of iQ Technology. Customers utilize the dashboard based on their needs, not what we think you want to see. While many competitors use a standardized dashboard, we want to ensure that you are getting the most out of iQ

Technology and are not stuck with a locked-in view of the dashboard. This creates a more user-friendly experience and allows you to spend time on the things that are most important to your business, instead of trying to learn iQ Technology’s navigation system.

With iQ Technology’s dashboard, you can have specific reports displayed right when you login, as well as different aspects of the machine’s health, right before your eyes.

At IDS, we understand that offering support to help you fully understand iQ Technology and how it works with your machines is important. That is why, instead of simply providing software support to our customers, IDS offers both software and hardware support for iQ Technology. With iQ Technology being at the forefront of innovation, we want to ensure that you have everything you need in order for your business to continue running seamlessly.

No matter where you are located in the world, IDS is able to provide you with the support you need. Give us a call to help you get this done

Allow users to check out items directly from a supply room, without physically being near a supply room. When employees utilize this feature, it is reported through iQ Technology, just as it would be if an employee gains access to a product by using a supply locker or a supply dispenser. Supplies and products can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Create a checklist within iQ Technology in order to ensure that all of your machines are being inspected according to your standards. During each inspection, users have the ability to check off each step of the inspection in order to sure that it is fully completed and everything passes its inspection. It keeps stock personnel and users on the same page.

In order to cut down on your employee’s personal information held within our system, iQ Technology utilizes an API that allows our customers to connect directly to their existing employee management system. From there, iQ Technology locks down the employee list, so employees’ personal information is not stored in the backend of iQ Technology.

We understand that not every customer wants to have their employees’ personal information stored in our system. Our technology allows information to remain confidential.

Although iQ Technology is a cloud-based system, the machine can still operate, even when the machine is not connected to the internet. This is thanks to the Offline Mode. It ensures that your employees are able to access the supplies they need in order to perform their jobs, whether the machine is connected to the internet or not. Once the machine is reconnected to the internet, all alerts and reports are updated. You will not have to sacrifice receiving alerts and reports, just because the machine is not connected.

Evaluate your total inventory levels with ease through the par optimization feature. This feature reviews the current usage of products. With this information, it evaluates an optimal number of products that should reside in the machine. This information reduces the need to continuously restock your machine with products that are going unused.

We offer five levels of service:

iQ Technology’s Basic package includes the essential capabilities to streamline inventory and asset management within your organization.

Our Standard package includes features you need for an enterprise-wide inventory and asset management solution as well as Supply Room and Virtual Tracker capabilities, as well as API / Pre-Authorization access.

Our Textile package includes API / Pre-Authorization access, as well as all of the features that can be found in our Basic and Standard packages.

Our Medical package including all components of the Basic package, plus the features you need for an enterprise-wide inventory and asset management solution that includes dispensing larger items via IDS’ Supply Lockers and Virtual Tracker capabilities.

The Virtual Tracker package eliminates the need for a physical machine and allows for better tracking of jobs and projects. Then, link the headings to the respective pages

Savings Calculator

Our Savings Calculator allows you to evaluate the cost savings of using the IDS platform over traditional inventory management practices.

iQ Technology Packages

iQ Technology’s dynamic module-based approach allows you to pay for only the features and capabilities you need.

Integrated POS

Integrate iQ Technology with your current tools including reporting and ticketing systems, such as ServiceNow and OperativeIQ.

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