Scrubs + Uniforms + Linens

Scrubs + Uniforms + Textiles

Beyond employee productivity, the drivers of uniform, surgical scrub, and textiles costs are fairly straightforward…

Replacement Costs + Laundering Costs = TOTAL TEXTILE COST

However, finding ways to reduce those costs is challenging without the right data to drive decisions.

With IDS’ Textile Management System, uniforms, surgical scrubs, and textiles are always secure and accessible to authorized users only. On average our customers save up to 60% on textile replacement costs with an IDS clothing vending machine. Additionally, by prohibiting access by unauthorized users and using data to stock textiles at proper par levels, laundering costs can be reduced by 40% with this uniform or medical scrub dispenser machine.

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IDS' ScrubTrak assists facility managers manage their surgical scrub, uniform, linen, and other textile inventory more efficiently by reducing shrinkage and increasing the bottom line.

Intelligent Benefits

Increase Productivity and Decrease Costs

IDS’ ScrubTrak provides organizations with the ability to reduce inventory shrinkage and increase employee productivity through managing their uniform, linen, surgical scrub, and other textile supply more effectively and efficiently. IDS’ ScrubTrak medical scrub dispenser ensures employees including healthcare professionals, manufacturing workers, and hospitality staff always have clean, well-fitting garments and uniforms conveniently available to them. IDS’ ScrubTrak significantly reduces garment and linen hoarding, shortages, and unauthorized use. Our customers realize greater inventory control, convenience, and infection prevention through utilizing IDS’ ScrubTrak scrub vending machine.

Secure Storage Cabinet

The ScrubTrak return unit features a secure cabinet to store additional scrubs or cleaning supplies.

High Capacity for High Volume Locations

ScrubTrak’s dispensing unit can accommodate up to two satellite units each with a capacity of 256 scrubs for locations with high volume. Each ScrubTrak return unit can receive up to 100 scrub sets between unloads.

Rapid Return

With only three steps, up to three soiled scrubs may be returned per session in a matter of seconds.

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

ScrubTrak is manufactured in the U.S.A. at IDS’ production facility in Des Moines, IA. ScrubTrak is constructed of quality steel and utilizes a reliable patented design.

Low Maintenance

Loading the ScrubTrak dispensing and satellite units is as simple as stacking the items to be dispensed.

iQ Technology

iQ Technology’s cloud-based operating system provides administrators with real-time inventory control management data and reporting capabilities.

Flexible and Rapid Dispensing

With 3 easy steps, ScrubTrak dispenses laundered scrubs within seconds. ScrubTrak allows users to mix and match sizes dispensing user-selected predetermined scrub sets as well as individual items.

ADA Compliant

All ScrubTrak units are ADA Compliant and meet OSHA requirements to be placed in hallways. In addition, ScrubTrak units are CE marked and UL certified.

Easy Scrubs Vending

How to Use

Loading scrubs into a scrub dispensing vending machine1

Loading Textiles

Loading the ScrubTrak dispensing unit is as simple as stacking the items to be dispensed and closing the door.

Image of medical professional dispensing scrubs

Dispensing Textiles

In addition to pre-selected scrub sets, ScrubTrak allows users to select different sizes, or a different item.

Scrub Trak vending machine

Returning Textiles

Once the return door is closed, it will automatically lock. In real-time, the software automatically records all details.

Intelligent Management

Purple and gray iQ Technology logo with "Intelligent Software for the Innovative Business" tagline

iQ Technology software is the brain of the IDS systems that put managers back in control of what is often a confusing and frustrating situation. The cloud-based operating system and inventory control lets users get and deposit scrubs from any ScrubTrak station, while providing management with real-time inventory and warehouse control. You can even tailor usage restrictions on an individual basis.

Although more and more advanced vending machines are entering the industry every single day, very few run on the unique iQ Technology that fuels each and every one of our intelligent devices. This online-enabled software gives machine owners an unprecedented level of control and customization, allowing managers to track sales remotely and create unique point-of-sale displays for all customers.

From medical supplies to retail products, business owners have the freedom to sell their goods in an all new way thanks to IDS.

While plenty of vending machines allow you to efficiently enter the industry, our products allow you to join the future of it.

iQ Technology software is the brain of the Textile Management System that puts managers back in control of what is often a confusing and frustrating situation. iQ Technology, IDS’ cloud-based operating system, lets users get and deposit garments and textiles from any Textile Management station, while providing management with real-time inventory and warehouse control. You can even tailor usage restrictions on an individual basis.

Customer Spotlight

Hunt Regional Healthcare logo

Hunt Regional Healthcare rolls out ScrubTrak system to curb scrub loss

Before implementing ScrubTrak, Hunt Regional Healthcare relied on a manual system for checking out and returning scrubs. The system was simple. Scrubs were kept in a cabinet. Physicians, nurses, and tech checked them out when needed. However, Leadership at the Hunt Regional Healthcare noticed an alarming trend with their approach.

“Human error is inevitable,” Ryan Madewell, director of environmental services for Hunt Regional Healthcare. “We were losing scrubs faster than we should have been.”

Leaders at Hunt Regional Healthcare were ready to make a change.

Distributor Partnership

Medline logo

IDS is proud to partner with Medline, a global distributor of medical products with patient-centered solutions, services and expertise. MedLine’s clients include physician offices, acute care clinics, integrated delivery networks, surgery centers, long-term care, life sciences and EMS organizations. The ability of MedLine’s team of healthcare-experienced sales and support representatives to bring best practices and innovative solutions from one care setting to another — from large healthcare systems to independent physician practices — along with IDS’ expertise in controlled dispensing solutions, is what makes our partnership so powerful.

From everyday disposable items to capital equipment such as IDS solutions, MedLine offers thousands of quality products from leading manufacturers to improve patient care and bring tangible value to healthcare organizations.

IDS Has Been Perfecting Its Product Line For Over 90 Years

Say Goodbye to Inventory Tracking Problems

IDS’ Supply Dispensers provide secure, easy access 24/7 to the critical supplies your employees need.

IDS’ Supply Lockers allow dispensing and check-in/check-out of fragile or bulky items.

IDS’ Textile Management Systems allow for simple check-in/check-out of scrubs, uniforms or textiles.