Health + Fitness

Health + Fitness

IDS’ Fitness Center provides customers, students, and staff with instant, self-service access to workout supplies and fitness-friendly snacks and beverages, while being a profit center for health clubs, fitness facilities, and campus recreation departments.

– Use IDS’ secured gym vending machines to provide customers 24/7 access to products and supplies

– Utilize existing POS systems, such as ABC Financial and student IDs, to integrate our health and fitness vending machines seamlessly into your business.

– Provide users convenience through cashless payment options- Access your data anywhere, anytime through IDS’ iQ Technology web-based interface

– Dispense a wide variety of shapes and sizes of products with IDS’s flexible gym vending machines and lockers


IDS’ Supply Dispensers provide secure, easy access 24/7 to the critical supplies your employees need.

IDS’ Supply Lockers allow dispensing and check-in/check-out of fragile or bulky items.

IDS’ Textile Management Systems allow for simple check-in/check-out of scrubs, uniforms or textiles.


You manage your most valuable assets: Your Employees. IDS takes care of the rest.

IDS specializes in equipping organizations across numerous industry sectors with innovative, controlled dispensing solutions in order to maintain efficiency and security 24/7/365.