Reduce Costs With a Smart System

As a business manager, you work hard to ensure that you are lowering overhead costs within your business, without having to sacrifice too much. Whether you are in the medical industry, textile industry or fitness industry, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions has a solution to help you reduce business costs and manage your inventory.

Our intelligent dispensing solutions allow you to track and manage your inventory, without being physically at the machine. With our revolutionary software, iQ Technology, you simply log in to the program to see what your inventory needs are. This feature eliminates the overstocking of products. Having too many of one product, such as a narcotic in an EMS environment, can lead to having too many expired products, which raises your inventory costs.

Having control over your inventory is not the only positive of utilizing our inventory solutions. Supply Lockers and Supply Dispensers keep your employees productive throughout the day. Instead of employees having to spend time sifting through a supply closet looking for a supply they need, they can simply utilize an iVendTech Supply Dispenser. Your employees have access to the supplies they need in seconds.

Our intelligent solutions include both Supply Dispensers and Supply Lockers. These smart inventory systems assist in controlling your inventory, while keeping your employees productive throughout the day. Watch the video below to find out more about our various dispensing solutions and how they can help with your business.

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Medical Grade Dispensing Solutions

Hospitals have a lot of supplies to keep track of, and that means a lot of manpower and resources are needed to help manage them. Incorporating a vending-based inventory control system can help hospitals distribute medicines, scrubs and other supplies securely without the need for additional staff or reams and reams of paperwork.

IDS offers vending machines designed specifically for hospitals and healthcare facilities looking for innovative, cost-effective medical inventory management solutions.

Each machine uses unique personal identification numbers (PINs) or encrypted ID cards to keep track of who’s using supplies so you can avoid the shrinkage problems that plague many hospitals today. Using specific ID data also helps you control the way items are dispensed by allowing you to restrict access based on the ID provided.  

For hospital personnel, there’s no need to wait for supply room staff to get the supplies they need. Supplies can be dispensed at any time of the day or night, 365 days a year.

Our ScrubTrak vending machine doesn’t just dispense scrubs securely – it also provides a convenient drop-off feature so used scrubs are safely corralled until it’s time to clean them.

Inventory solutions don’t have to be complicated. Today’s vending systems can help hospitals gain efficiency while cutting costs so they can focus more of their resources on caring for the patients they serve.

iQ Technology Takes the Hassle out of Inventory Control

Vending can be a profitable and satisfying business, but one of the aspects many vending owners find most cumbersome is having to travel to each machine to check inventory levels – especially when it turns out there’s no need to replenish that inventory.

vending machine mobile inventory control

At Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, we’ve done away with that hassle by equipping every machine we manufacture with our state-of-the-art iQ inventory control system. iQ lets vending business operators perform inventory control activities remotely, from any device that has a connection to the Internet.

If you have a tablet, a laptop or a cell phone, you can remotely manage inventory by connecting with each of your machines to check product levels – even while you’re on vacation. iQ makes it easy to know when it’s time to restock, and it also makes it easy to track the use of each machine so you can determine the time of day and day of the week when each machine is most profitable.

iQ inventory control technology can also help you serve your customers more efficiently by determining which products are most popular and by tracking the popularity of new items as they’re added. That means you can be more responsive to your customers’ needs with remote inventory reports and stock management, building your brand while you build your profits – and iQ lets you do it all remotely.