Solar Vending Machines on the Horizon

Intelligent Dispensing SolutionsAs much as vending machines evolve over the years, they all have one thing in common. Whether they dispense batteries or nachos, vending machines essentially all run on electricity.  However, according to Times Free Press, a humble Cattanooga company is looking to change the way vending machines operate entirely.

The article reports that a company called VendomMax has been working on a custom vending machine that runs entirely on solar power. VendoMax co-founders Rob Creswell and Mark Hixson officially unveiled the machine today, and the product will be available at a Las Vegas vending trade show next week. The vending machine manufacturers are hoping this machine can get some quality momentum among top beverage companies.

This unique custom solar vending machine will come in two models: A moveable version on wheels and a more traditional fixed product. Solar power is still a developing trend among a variety of different industries, and we are certainly interested on seeing how it develops over the next few years. Vending machines, especially ours, eat up a ton of energy, and a truly sustainable way to keep them running could change the business for the better. If you are looking to get a head start on the innovative side of the industry, our custom vending solutions are the perfect place to start!

Vending From a Taxi?

If taxis and vending machines have anything in common, is that they are both vehicles of convenience. Few things come in handy like having a guaranteed ride home after a late night out, just like finding a snack vending machine when you have the munchies is supremely satisfying. So what happens when these two services become one? That is exactly what New Orleans cab riders are currently enjoying, thanks to the city’s recently upgraded carriage cabs.

According to Vending Marketwatch, those riding New Orleans Carriage Cabs will be treated to a selection of five non-alcoholic beverages. These custom taxi vending machines have been installed in over 200 cabs throughout the city and can be purchased with a simple swipe of your debit card. The current options are Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, iced tea, and orange Fanta, which gives cab riders a solid selection of popular sodas.

“We decided to introduce the vending machines in New Orleans because it is the nation’s hub of innovation,” said New Orleans Carriage Cab owner Simon Garber, whose teenage son was the one to initially suggest the idea. The technology is available for purchase, meaning anyone in the country can install this exciting custom vending machine within your vehicle.

The Improved Quality Of New Vending Machines

Back in the day many vending machines seemed easily manipulated and as a result easily robbed. In my younger years, I can recall a particular school vending machine that kids would kick just right for free chips and even some loose change. It is enough to make you skeptical of the potentially lucrative world of vending machine ownership.

Luckily, the vending machines manufactured by Intelligent Dispensing Solutions have corrected for many of the design snafus of the past and have built a sturdier and safer machine. If you have used a vending machine in the last decade or so, and it was a newer machine, you might have noticed that some of the function problems often associated with vending machines seem completely fixed. Gone are the days where your snack might dangle from the dispenser, teasing you and taking your money. These days new vending machines are effective and fair.

Owning a vending machine should not feel like a risk. It is one of the safest bets in retail. There is no overhead and little chance of a theft assuming the machine is properly serviced and maintained. You should move into the world of retail vending unafraid and ready to make some cash.

Supplies From School And Office Vending Machines

Your time matters.

Students and business folk are in more of a rush today then ever before. It seems like all of the gadgets used to make things zip by more quickly have simply ramped up expectations for everyone else to do more things faster. It might be good for the world, but it is making things more and more difficult for everyone to do the basics.

In both offices and schools, many folks are trying to use vending machines to lighten the load a bit. Using an office vending machine to sell necessary supplies for your work is a great way to save employees a trip to the office supply store. Rather than wasting precious time trekking there and back, you can simply have a thoroughly stocked supply vending machine.

Similarly many colleges and even some high schools have stocked up school vending machines with supplies like pens and notebooks, allowing students to grab supplies right before class rather than making another stop all together.

All of this talk of “Life being too short” and #YOLO means that we need to make the most of our time. Waiting for a cashier to ring you up at the local Staples is by no means living life to the fullest. These machines save time.

Social Vending Machines: The Trend is Here to Stay

Intelligent Dispensing SolutionsWe’ve previously highlighted vending machines that incorporate the world’s ever-popular social media options, and it seems like the trend is here to stay. While vending devices have been long standing favorites when it comes to refreshment, technology has evolved to allow them to become modern, computerized products that keep up with today’s fast paced world. As such, it’s only natural that more and more custom vending machines are going to pop up that bridge the gap between social media and classic convenience.

According to Vending Times, Gigigo Mobile Services plans on unveiling their new social media vending machine platform at the CTIA trade show next week. This new technology is meant to allow machines to interact with brands via social networks, much like a previous Pepsi promotion that allowed customers to send tweets in exchange for sodas.

Social vending is just one of the many exciting trends coming to the industry. While vending machines have always thrived on convenience, they can now be considered a consumer’s best friends. Our machines are getting to know us, and can tap into the things we care deeply about.

If you’re feeling inspired and want to provide this convenience to your own customers, visit Intelligent Dispensing Solutions today. Our custom vending machines are built specifically to your needs, no matter how futuristic.

School Vending Machines Still Offer Unhealthy Snacks

school vending machinesChild obesity has been the topic at hand recently. Weight in general has been on everyone’s mind, and it’s apparently going to continue until serious changes are made. In a recent survey of elementary schools, about half still have access to unhealthy snacks in school vending machines. Back in 2007 the Institute of Medicine recommended that school meal programs be the main source of nutrition for kids as opposed to vending machines. Despite their recommendations, not much change occurred between 2006 to 2010. More than half of elementary school students are able to purchase food from outside sources.

What is even more disheartening is that access to healthy food, excluding school meal programs, was limited. Researcher Lindsey R. Turner commented, “Because children spend many hours in school, changes are needed to make the school environment healthier by limiting the availability of less healthy food products. ” In 2010 the U.S. Department of Agriculture set a standard that schools may not sell food of little nutritional value in the cafeteria during lunchtime, but they can be sold in vending machines at any time.

It’ll be hard to completely rid vending machines of typical snacks and replace them with healthier options. Instead, we need to instill good eating habits at home and at school, teach children about healthy food, and warn them of the health risks that come with obesity.

Mikey, Hershey’s, and the School Vending Machine

school vending machineSchool vending machines have Hershey bars, which to my youthful palate were a divine, luscious reward for a day spent among the munchkins and societal rejects who constituted the population of my school. When I felt those creamy chocolatey squares melt on my tongue, I would get excited, which was, now that I think about it, largely a reaction to sugar, and I would energetically seek my lone friend Mikey.

Mikey had a rat tail. He wasn’t the most popular kid in school but because his mom had left him when he was younger and his dad was never around he was well-respected. Mikey wasn’t a chocolate guy per se, but he knew that when I ate chocolate I became a kind of Mr. Hyde.

Together, we snuck into the girls’ bathroom and made gross farting sounds when we heard the door open, we climbed out of windows into areas of the school marked no trespassing, and we generally did whatever we weren’t supposed to do. Finally Mikey was expelled for lighting  a cherry bomb in the boys bathroom. I lost my only friend. But that didn’t stop me from eating those Hershey bars from the school vending machine once 2:30 rolled around.

French Man Robotically “Reaches” Into Vending Machines

Intelligent Dispensing SolutionsEver wish you had a slippery, slim extra arm that could slide inside a vending machine from the bottom and grab your favorite snack for you? A creative French inventor was likely thinking along those lines when he created a robot that can sneak inside of a vending product and grab whatever it likes.

According to the Huffington Post, the man is no thief, just someone who built a very expensive robotic concept that has the potential to infiltrate the office vending machines of the world. As shown in his video below, the robot can go inside of a vending machine, invert itself, and grab a drink before coming back down. We don’t think vending machine manufacturers have anything to fear when it comes to this robot going public, but it is a nifty innovation that could serve a more productive purpose someday, such as remote machine maintenance.

Even if robots do someday take over the vending machine business, you will never have to worry about theft when working with Intelligent Dispensing Solutions. Our state-of-the-art custom vending machines are specifically designed with loss prevention in mind, so even the craftiest of would-be vending thieves will be hard pressed to take away any of your product.

The NAMA OneShow is Here

It has been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over! The NAMA OneShow, one of the vending industry’s biggest conventions, is finally upon us this week, allowing members of the vending world to convene, celebrate, and usher in another year of exciting vending innovations. There is plenty to see and do at this year’s NAMA, from keynote speeches from esteemed figures such as Newt Gingrich and Magic Johnson to appearances from some of the biggest vending machine manufacturers in the business.

If you can think of a major brand in the world of automatic dispensing, chances are they will be at the NAMA OneShow from April 24th to the 26th. From Hershey’s to PepsiCo, all of the major players in the snack, drink, and vending technology worlds will be on hand to show off their latest and greatest products. Not only is the OneShow a great opportunity for smaller vendors to get their name out to the world in a massive Vegas exhibition center, it is also a special change to witness some of the most exciting custom vending machines that will be hitting the market soon.

The folks behind Intelligent Dispensing Solutions will be at the OneShow this week, and will be looking forward to spreading the word about our own custom vending machines while seeing the very best our beloved industry has to offer!

School Vending Machines Keep You Focused

school vending machinesI remember the good ol’ college days. Although the days were certainly shorter than when I was in high school, I was just as exhausted and overworked as ever. I was running to work in between classes, staying up late writing papers, and attempting to read an entire novel in two days. Classes were certainly longer, sometimes nearly 3 hours long. It was often difficult to get a good night’s sleep. But instead of relying on drinks with tons of caffeine, I just made sure I had something in my system!

Food gives us the energy we need, especially when we make a healthy food choice. That’s why school vending machines can be a good thing for kids. Sometimes the lunch period is just too far away or we don’t have time in between classes to take a food break. By offering foods in school vending machines with plenty of nutritional value, we can give kids the energy they need to stay focused. When tummies are grumbling, it’s hard to think about anything else, not to mention you just don’t feel like you have the energy to make it through the next 40 minutes. Granola bars, fruit, juice, all these will keep sleep attacks at bay and help us to perform better.